Namaz is an important pillar of Islam and it is performed on daily basis, five times every day. In Arabic term namaz or prayer is called as salat, it is the pillar of Islam that is mentioned after mentioning the Shahadah (testimony of faith), by proclaiming this one becomes a Muslim. Namaz is made obligatory upon all Muslim and every adult Muslim is commanded to perform all five namaz in a day. ALLAH Almighty has declared obligatory status of namaz in many places in the Holy Quran.

To become a complete Muslim a person needs to show strong faith in ALLAH Almighty and he or she should practice all the teachings of religion Islam in daily life.

  1. Every Muslim will get the fruit of the devotion, adherence, hard work and submission in the world in the form of success and peace and in the life hereafter the reward of jannat (heaven) will be waiting for him.
  2. There will going to occur Day of Qayamat or Judgment when all the people either Muslims or Non-Muslims will have to be answerable and accountable for all the deeds and action they have done in the world. As a Muslim, we strongly belief in the Day of Judgment and this is a compulsion.
  3. The only thing that matter to a Muslim while living on this earth is to worship ALLAH Almighty and becomes much close to Him and live a virtuous lie as taught by Islam.
  1. In Islam a Muslim is judged by the character and personality he possesses and not by the luxuries or amount of wealth he carries because in this world nothing going to be last forever but the only thing that benefit a person in both the world is faith.
  2. The soul of a Muslim needs to be nourished with the power of Imaan to keep the life run in a better way. This nourishment of soul enhances with power of the Islam by practicing the obligation and acts of worships like performing namaz, paying charity and by doing other noble and good deeds.
  3. Shaitan or satan is the worst enemy of humans, shaitan always try to divert person from doing good acts and deeds and distract his mind towards worldly pleasures and luxuries and will constantly does effort a Muslim towards the wrong path but a Muslims with a strong faith in ALLAH Almighty overcome the false tricks and wiles of Satan.
  4. ALLAH Almighty will always be with us but in order to get blessings and mercy of ALLAH Almighty we need to make some effort and please ALLAH Almighty through following the commands of ALLAH Almighty and performing all the practices of Islam. is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in uk with flights offers a range of Umrah 2017 Packages from UK.



Namaz in Islam

Namaz is the religious act which joins all Muslims with ALLAH Almighty and makes us worthy with blessings and grace of ALLAH Almighty. When a person stands to perform Namaz five times a day and bows before ALLAH Almighty, he becomes deserving of all love and beneficence of ALLAH Almighty. ALLAH forgives his sins, his heart becomes light up and illuminate and his difficulties vanish away. Muslim should be particular in performing the Namaz five times every day so that he or she may not be deprive from blessings of ALLAH Almighty.

Namaz is the daily prayer which is obligatory and necessary to be performed by all Muslims. Every Muslim has to perform Namaz five times a day. These five Namaz are named as Fajr, Zohr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha. All these names of Namaz indicate special time of Namaz. Fajr means the prayer at the dawn. Zohr is the noon prayer. Asr Namaz is perform in the evening. Maghrib is the prayer performed at the sunset and Isha is the prayer at night. Muslims should perform all these Namaz in the Qibla or direction of Holy Kaaba in Makkah.

The most important duty of Muslim is to perform all five Namaz regular. It is considered as one of the important worship. A Muslim is called five times every day to offer Namaz, as performing Namaz is obligatory on all Muslims and it is also the pillar of Islam. There are many verses stated in the Holy Quran instructing the Namaz to people. If Namaz is performed with affection and sincerity and with proper concentration of mind, without any kind of doubt, it help in cleaning person’s heart, reform his life and get rid of all the wrong doings, sins and impurities.

Namaz assists a person in promoting the fear of ALLAH Almighty in him. Namaz brings love for goodness, righteousness, truth and piety. Islam has greatly emphasized on performing Namaz daily five times. Namaz is considered to be the important pillar of Islam. It should be taken into account that if we renounce Namaz, we would get connected with wrong and evil acts and unfaithfulness. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to urge the Muslims to perform Namaz regularly as it would be a source of light on the Qayamat or Day of Judgment.

We can now consider that what will happen to us if we ignore Namaz and do not offer it correctly and regularly. Performing Salah in addition represents the submission of Muslims to ALLAH Almighty and it also has other benefits and advantages as well and establishment of Namaz is one of the major topics on which Holy Quran has greatly emphasized than any other topic, so it is necessary for all of us to perform regularly. is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK, offers a range of Cheapest Umrah 2017 Deals from UK.