Reward with Small Activities

Our every day ordinary activities can become rewarding if a Muslim does them for the sake of pleasing ALLAH Almighty. We should establish some activities in our daily routine like performing daily Namaz five times prayer, reciting Holy Quran, remembrance of ALLAH Almighty (Dhikr) through out the day, and other good deeds. This will bring satisfaction and calmness to the heart, heal the soul and human mind, and keep the Muslim on the Straight Path.

Many of us are working person or students or work full time. Some are teenagers, moms; old, or retired from the workforce etc this means that everyone has a unique and different life and schedule, but the common spiritual practices of religion Islam bring balance and harmony in all our daily lives by performing Namaz, paying Zakat, and performing Hajj and Umrah, for performing one of them please contact with any Authorized Hajj and Umrah Travel Agent.

(1)  The very initial act that a Muslim does upon waking up in the morning is to thanks ALLAH Almighty for giving him life by saying the morning supplication.

(2) The second thing that a Muslim should do is to make wuzu or perform ghusl (if possible or needed) for the Fajar Namaz.

(3)  Before going to work or any educational institute, Muslims begin their day by offering the obligatory Fajar Namaz. A Muslim should have to make it a habit to perform Namaz at the earliest time period after its time has begun. A Muslim should perform Namaz with proper concentration and attention, as Namaz will be the first thing that a person will be accountable for on Day of Qayamat or Judgment.

(4)  The hours of the early morning are a great opportunity to recite the Holy Quran. This allows person to fully concentrate on reciting

Holy Quran and obtain the maximum spiritual benefit.

ALLAH Almighty knows what is best for his creation; ALLAH has provided us with many healthy foods for our health. It is best to keep yourself away from processed foods and eat natural foods for good health if available. Muslim parents should be very careful in meeting their children’s nutritional needs and health concerning issues without making them overweight.

Being a Muslim Attention should be given to cleanliness and neatness and hygiene which have to be observed in almost all matters, especially in handling and preparing foods. A Muslim should start eating his meal with the Name of ALLAH Almighty by saying, Bismillah and eating and drinking by using his or her right hand.

After taking or finishing the meal a Muslim should thanks ALLAH Almighty for providing him with food by saying the supplication of after food. Raising children with good training is an important and honorable task for a female.  A Muslim mother should have to spend quality time with her children.  Especially, teenagers and the young ones need the special attention and care of the mother.  It is very essential to spend quality time with the children in a busy hectic schedule. is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK, offers a range of Umrah Packages with Flights from UK.



ForgivenessWe sin openly and privately, major and minor, inwardly and outwardly. And it is unavoidable ALLAH Almighty daily. In fact, there are many duas of forgiveness that a Muslim can make every day. Despite all of this, ALLAH Almighty is willing to forgive us, He loves to forgive us. Justice is limited in how much we can achieve and it is quantifiable.

Verse 42:39-40 of Holy Quran,
And those who, when tyranny strikes them, they defend themselves, And the retribution for an evil act is an evil one like it, but whoever pardons and makes reconciliation – his reward is [due] from ALLAH. Indeed, He does not like wrongdoers.

 And what we seek can not be compensated except through forgiveness. It will take away the hurt and the mark will be lifted. And so we select something which is temporary that result in apologize for, for something permanent that we will always be satisfied with even though its initial stages may experience bitter. And whilst ‘justice’ is measurable, the return is not and the reward is with ALLAH Almighty.

Verse 42:40 of Holy Quran,
And the retribution for an evil act is an evil one like it, but whoever pardons and makes reconciliation – his reward is [due] from ALLAH. Indeed, He does not like wrongdoers.

 Forgiveness is not simple to do and that is why the rewards are so high. The ones we get most angry with are those whom we are nearby to and because we notice them day in and day out, it is harder to forgive them. In reality, the test of fine character is not to show it to people you like or do not know, but people you do not like. We may feel we can not belief anyone. It does not matter how deep one’s love is for their parents, spouse, children, friends and siblings there will always be several element of disappointment.

And although we must not think like this, in various situations, it can not be helped. It is easier to make happy ALLAH Almighty than to please the people. This is why we should always do things for ALLAH Almighty alone and everything else must be secondary. This way, if you are dissatisfied by the people, you did not do it for them anyway. And any damage they cause us will be value it because the return will be higher.

And yet when ALLAH Almighty forgives, it is about as though we had not done that sin and ALLAH Almighty bestows more mercy upon us so that we are not able to return to Him. We are all on a trip together; let us help each other to be virtuous, seeking forgiveness of each other (Huqoq-ul-ibaad) overlooking each other’s mistakes. Let us make easy the way of attaining Jannah for each other, not Jahanam. is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK, offers a range of Umrah Packages 2017 From London.