You must aim to build up the following 7 Spiritually Productive activities into habits so that you can hopefully continue benefiting from them throughout your whole life. To develop them as habits is the spirit of embarking on your journey towards the love of ALLAH Almighty and constantly increasing in your imaan, INSHAALLAH:

1) Pray the Sunnah and Nafil Prayers before or after Prayer:

It’s easier to just pray the obligatory namaz and rush out of the masjid! Though, when we realise the rewards we are missing from not praying these Sunnah and Nafil namaz we will leave them. There’s only one way of getting yourself to pray these Nafil and Sunnah namaz constantly: Get into the habit of praying them daily! They’ll soon become part and parcel of your namaz and your namaz will feel incomplete without performing these acts.

2) Remembrance of ALLAH Almighty after Salah:

Again, it’s easy to rush out after namaz due to our busy lives, although if we are sincere, how long does it take to recite the supplications after namaz? (The Answer: 5-7 minutes!). Nowadays you will find pocket notebooks or phone applications with these supplications (dua). Get into the habit of reciting them every day after each namaz to enrich your namaz experience.

3) Night Prayer:

During the Holy Month of Ramadan we have the wonderful Taraweeh namaz to attend. Though, outside of Holy Ramadan there are many opportunities to still attain the reward of the night namaz. If you are new to night prayer or you do not pray it constantly during the year, make sure you try to attend namaz each and every night in congregation at the masjid (particularly brothers), and give yourself a ‘no-excuse’ rule. Develop a habit of praying Tahajjud namaz and continuing to pray them for complete 30 days; this will set you on better footing to carry on with the Night Prayer for the rest of the whole year INSHAALLAH.

4) Duha Prayer:

Here is a Productive Muslim’s top secret to a helpful day: 2 rakahs known as the Duha namaz which you may pray at anytime after the sunrise till before the sun reaches it’s zenith (time for the zuhar prayer begins).

 5) Supplications before you Sleep:

You have just had a long day and you are super tired. You climb into bed and you wish to hit the sack… but wait! Before you do, can you give yourself only 10 more minutes to recite the supplications (dua) before sleeping? That’s all. Try them and find yourself experiencing the most stunning sleep ever and waking up for Fajar namaz easily.

6) Reciting one hour of Holy Quran each day:

It is one hour reciting of Holy Quran each day and not one ayat or one Surah. If you spend one hour reciting one ayat but understand it completely, that’s more significant and beneficial then reciting lots of Holy Quran at break-neck speed still not understanding a word.

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In our contemporary civilization, friends are made at school, at work, in neighbourhoods. Friends are made and kept for many reasons. People make friends with others who share general interests, hobbies, and even vices. The final objective of a friendship is often just company, a wish to spend time with someone, doing somewhat that they both enjoy. A Muslim has to choose friends more critically and carefully.

Definitely, Muslims, like everyone else, desire friends who share interests and who are pleasurable to be with. But, that is not only what a really Islamic friendship is all about. In reality, an Islamic friendship is not that easy at all. In Islam, true friendships are bound by sisterhood and brotherhood bonds that are stronger than usual friendships. They are bonds that exist for a much higher motive and with a greater objective.

Muslims make friends knowing that the relationship they will result is a significant bond between two people who share shared goals. Their friendship is one that exists above all for the sake of ALLAH Almighty. The camaraderie and love that is born from such a friendship is a secondary advantage, for sure.

True love for the sake of ALLAH Almighty

Love for others comes in different types. Love between a husband and wife is one kind of these forms, all friendship is another type. Though, all forms of liking that any one person can have for other person, for the reason of this article, will be referred to as love.Sensibly, pure love of another person only for the sake of ALLAH Almighty is difficult. Few people can achieve such a friendship, which is why ALLAH Almighty rewards such an act of belief generously.

Nevertheless, many of us, in an effort to reach this high level of belief, should try to make and build strong friendships that advantage us and our Ummah (Nation). In Islam correct friendship is brotherhood or sisterhood- a bond that is enduring and strong. In this bond, men and women can find the sweetness of belief.

The rewards of loving another for the sake of ALLAH Almighty are consistent with its significance. Its impact is not singular- it affects the whole society. For whole society to exist in peace and harmony, its constituents should be at peace. If we could each desire for our friends what we wish for ourselves, the world would become a better place. This is what Religion Islam ensures. If there is unity and brotherhood among the people, the whole society at large will be united.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), tried to eliminate hatred, rivalry and jealousy by inducing brotherhood, a sincere friendship and love. The Islamic community is ideally built upon the foundation of brotherhood.

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The 4th pillar is roza, saum or fasting. Fasting for Muslims, especially during the Holy month of Ramadan, is a way to become enhanced enlightened. It is a time to where one gets their mind and body back on track and focused on ALLAH Almighty. Where this pillar could possibly assist with Muslim unity is when at night, after the last scheduled namaz, people go to the masjid and pray with a congregation (jamaat). During this time, the Imam leads all the gathered Muslims through a special namaz for Holy Ramadan called Salah al-Taraweeh.

The 5th pillar, called Hajj, is a requirement that every Muslim have to complete at least once in their life span. There are many rites and rituals that have to be completed in order to fulfil this pillar. Every year more than 1.5 million Muslims go to Makkah in order to perform Hajj. This huge gathering of Muslims of all cultures and races promotes the international brotherhood and also reflects that all Muslims are alike and equivalent in the sight of ALLAH Almighty. Muslims who are financially, physically, and mentally able and stable to source the sacred voyage are required to go. There is not any borrowing of funds by anyone. This “pilgrimage”, as it is called, is the real display of obedience to ALLAH Almighty. This act (or pillar) is of extreme significance because during this voyage the end result of completing all the ritual parts is complete and cleanse of sins.

Makkah is the central point of all Islamic relations. This is the city to where the trip of the 5th pillar brings all Muslims who are capable to perform the Hajj rituals. Hazrat Ibraheem (AS) was directed by ALLAH Almighty to go to build the House of ALLAH for worship. The temple, to this day, is well-known as the place to where all Muslims, as mentioned previous, unite together for the common practice of worshipping ALLAH Almighty.

Contrary to the beliefs of those not united with Islam, Muslims are taught not to be of violent personality. Being violent amongst one another or towards other living things is not living in the one spirit and mind of ALLAH Almighty. The Holy Quran does teach Muslims to unite and defend the Islamic community against all threats, but do not intentionally hurt those that do not pose a threat. Real Muslims, who are constantly practicing these 5 pillars, are more concerned with uniting all cultures, societies and living things than destroying them.

The goals of the 5 Pillars of Islam is to get closer with ALLAH Almighty in mind, spirit, and body and unification within the Islamic communities with all fellow Muslims. If these pillars were never in place, then it would be tough for Muslims to create peaceful relations among all Islamic communities.

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The Five Pillars of Islam are obligatory responsibilities that are required of each and every Muslim to perform. These obligatory duties help to make Muslim spiritual beliefs concrete truth. Many people across the globe confuse Muslim unity with terrorism. People are fast to assume that when Muslims begin to unite, that they are setting up to attack. This misconception and wrong thinking can be dismissed if one takes the time to read and understand the 5 Pillars of Islam. Since the Holy Quran teaches all Muslims that there is just one God, ALLAH Almighty. Therefore the practice of the 5 Pillars of Islam helps to build a sense of unity among Muslims.

In order to completely understand how the pillars make this sense of unity, first one should know what each pillar is and what the responsibility requires. The first pillar of Islam is called Shahadah. This pillar is the most practice, but, still, it is constantly help the Muslim to confess their loyalty to ALLAH Almighty. In this first pillar, the Kalma, “There is no god except ALLAH, Muhammad is the Messenger of ALLAH” is recited multiple times a day. This pillar is actually where an individual is ordered to think and speak from a mind and heart that is united with ALLAH Almighty. With this first pillar, there is unity among Muslims because Islam teaches to guide a moral life and to get better the lives of all living things.

The second pillar, Salat or namaz, has the straightest impact on Muslim daily life. Salat in Arabic means prayer which is performed 5 times a day. Around the world, Muslims faces towards Makkah for prayer and unites all Muslims into a single world family. These times of namaz helps Muslims to look for for strength and endurance so that they can work alongside other Muslims to become one. Another way that this pillar unites Muslims is when namaz time approaches, many Muslims go to the masjid together to pray as one, as in the religion of Islam, the focus is always on being of one spirit and mind with ALLAH Almighty. Fridays are important in Islam when many practicing Muslims gather in masjid for communal prayer. They are led by the imam of the masjid. Prayers of Muslims either at their own home or in a masjid, is an added manner on how the 5 Pillars of Islam creates a sense of Muslim unity.

Zakat, the 3rd pillar, is a responsibility of all able Muslims to pay. Another name for zakat is alms tax, with this pillar; the requirement is for each Muslim to give up a particular part of their savings in order to benefit and help the poor. Zakat is a way to worship ALLAH Almighty and provide service to the Islamic society. As the Holy Quran teaches the Muslim people that everyone should give a portion of your earnings in order to help all fellow Muslims who are in need.

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Umrah is a spiritual voyage and every Muslim waits to perform this during his entire life. Mostly, people go to Umrah travel first time and do not know what kind of things they need to carry. To help our Muslim sisters and brothers, we discuss below simple checklist for all who are going to visit Saudi Arabia first time.  This checklist is also supportive for those people who have visited before, but this time, want to prepare well. If you are going with your family or relatives, you may share your things with them as well. Sharing things makes your baggage short and gives you a possibility to travel with no trouble. Here’s a list what to take for


  • Cleanliness and purity is half of faith. Keep unscented soap, dusting powder and a shampoo with you, but keep in mind it must be fragrance-free.
  • To clean your teeth bring tooth brush and tooth paste.
  • To comb your hair, do not forget to take hair brush with you.
  • Have a clutch or small purse to keep money.
  • As far as men’s dressing is concerned, shirts, pants, shalwars and are enough for your Umrah voyage. Take one additional ihram as well. For women, shalwar qameez, long gown are enough.
  • Take a Ja’a-e-Namaz or prayer mat with you, but if you can not buy, you can also purchase there in few Riyals.
  • Buy Umrah Guide book from your local bookshop. Though, make sure it is written in a simple language that you can easily understand.
  • For shoes, bring chappal and slippers that you use in on a daily basis routine. It must be easy-feel.
  • Make sure, you have a Mobile phone with alarm clock and an appropriate arrangement of charging your phone.
  • As a precautionary measure in your initial travel Umrah, it is better to take all the essential and common medicines with you for cold, fever, sore throat, headache, pain, etc. such as Panadol, pain killer, Ponston, Disprin, sunny plast for wounds, detttol and other anti-biotic.
  • While you are there and going out, do not forget to carry a water juice and bottle with you. Saudi Arabia is a desert and days could be very scorching even in season of winter.
  • Eat fresh and healthy food on time and keep your diet healthy by eating a variety of vegetables and fruit in your meals.
  • Wherever you go out, taking daily necessitate items in your handbag, such as mirror, thread, needle, scissors, hair oil, nail cutter, tasbeeh, odourless cream, etc.
  • Towel is also a necessary thing to take with. In summer season, bring sun-glasses as well.
  • Take iron to press your clothes.

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